Snoop Dogg Gets Green Light For Aussie Show Despite Petition

By Kimm

A few weeks ago we reported that DMX is back on the international tour scene after being forced to stay home for years after the authorities confiscated his passport. X, born Earl Simmons, was behind on child support by an ice-cream melting $1.3m. He couldn’t be out gallivanting with bills to pay, said the law. This week another rapper was given the green light to spit overseas despite some of the local’s efforts to have him barred. Snoop Dogg/Snoopzilla/Snoop Lion will be able to take his share of the Big Day Out spotlight after the attempts of Collective Shout to have his visa denied fell through.

Why on earth would anyone seek to deny paying fans the joy of basking in Snoop’s easy flow? Well in the eyes of this women’s rights advocacy group, the 42 year-old rap icon has been a naughty boy. Through his not-so-badly-selling music he has been advocating abuse against women and shamelessly objectifying sisters, mothers and daughters. “Welcoming artists like Snoop Dogg sends a message that we don’t take our obligations to address violence against women seriously,” a letter published on the group’s website explained. To this end a petition was drafted and signatures collected to convince the powers that be to slam the door in the misogynistic Dogg’s face.

But Australia’s immigration minister confirmed that Snoop’s passport has already been stamped and barring a catastrophe of tsunami proportions, the recent Rastafarian convert will be gracing the Gold Coast festival in two days’ time. While it’s tempting to think that these Aussie ladies are making a mountain out of a molehill, they are well within their rights and mandate to pursue the course of action they chose. And women’s dignity must be defended at every opportunity. But Collective Shout should perhaps consider using Snoop’s immeasurable clout to further their cause instead of stopping him from ‘doin’ his thang’. There is also the fact that today’s Snoop is a far cry from the plucky youngster of the Doggystyle days. His latest album, a collabo with Dam Funk, can almost be classified as a collection of love songs. Snoop literally sings on a few of the cuts on ‘7 Days of Funk’. But that’s just my humble opinion. What say ye? Should West Coast hip hop’s godfather have been granted the visa? And would this have given Collective Shout the traction they were looking for?


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